Ekaterina was born in Moscow, and developed an early interest in the Circus and the Entertainment Industry. When Ekaterina was eight years old, she immigrated to Quebec, and learned French and English. Beginning at the age ten, she began juggling balls and clubs, and later discovered her true passion when she received access to magic through the Internet. She purchased magic DVD's, practiced every day for hours on end, and soon began to perform in public.
Specializing in the art of card manipulation, often referred to as "flourishing", Ekaterina gained respect from other magicians for her skill, her flair and for making it look so easy. Ekaterina soon met with veteran magicians from around the world, who graciously helped her develop her career in show business, increase her venues and invitations to perform, and expand her expertise and wide variety of skills in the fine art of performing magic. 
Today, Ekaterina is considered a rare and exotic female magician
by her peers, who loves her audience and makes sure that each person is left delighted and breathless. Ekaterina believes the true secret of magic is not about how good you are, but about how you make people feel. Moreover, she touches thousands of people with her magic through her web site and through online videos on Youtube. In addition to being a magician, Ekaterina is a professional 
fashion model, and as CEO of her expanding firm, is responsible for many jobs, including Marketing, Event Management, developing an online educational series, and every now and then, International Relations. 


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